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Lockdown 2020 was a defining moment for our family.  After years of working 7 days a week running cafes and restaurants, we decided that there had to be more to life.  So we sold up and moved to the coast and started a new life, all within 6 months, and literally just like that.  It has been the best thing we have ever done.


We still had to earn a living though, hence Three Front Doors was born in October 2020 and it came from our combined love of sourcing vintage pieces for our own homes over the  years.  Our favourite pastime has become our day to day work and we love it.  

We also moved to a beautiful property that we are promoting as a Location House for photo and film shoots and an air-bnb will be coming soon in early 2021.


We have always lived in old properties and this one is no exception and it is slowly filling up vintage gorgeousness, so not everything makes it online.


Choosing to buy pre-loved is now very much a conscious decision for many of our customers.  Re-using, re-purposing, re-cycling helps the planet, makes us feel good and makes our homes look good. 


Vintage comes in many forms and can fit into any interior style, be it just a candlestick or a statement piece of furniture.


We sell on-line and at selected antique and vintage fairs around the UK but if you are looking for something specific just drop us a line and we will try out best to source it for you too.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you find some pieces that you can love in your home too.


Sarah  & Trevor

Our Instagram @threefrontdoors

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