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Wonder Walls

I'm a late adopter to art on my walls. For my early home ownership years, it was often work, work, work and blank white walls were just, well easy.

A few photos of the kids got put up as they arrived but it never really extended to more than that. When we sold our last house 12 years ago, I rushed around throwing up any old art I could lay my hands on to give our house the feeling of ‘home’. I told myself of course that it was the art that made a quick sale and then the obvious light bulb moment, why the hell had I not done it before!

Modern and vintage happily go hand in hand

There can be so many cliches

when it comes to art in general, let alone in your home, including the quote shown here by John Demarco, but I do believe that art is a language that only you need to speak. If it speaks to you, if you love it, if it has a personal meaning or if you just like the colours then be brave, go for it and don’t feel any reason whatsoever to explain it.

Gallery walls van be very effective and great fun

In my own home, I have a real mixture of genres from vintage oils, prints, fairground art, photos, some framed, some unframed and a spattering of modern art. If I really love a piece, I have even designed a room around it so that it can really sing. They make me smile and they make me happy every day and some of it can start a real conversation.

The colours tying in here is just beautiful

When it comes to interior design, art can create a real focal point in a room. Bringing colour, texture, light and shade. Place it on the wall, place it on the floor, place it on a table, place it to the side, place it in the middle. Go big and go small, be random, be neat and create your own wonder walls.

Doesn’t get much more dramatic than this - love it

Just one 2 small simple frames makes all the difference

Simple styling for a cosy rustic look and feel

Neutral Statement Wall

Plain and simple, yet very effective

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